Beep Beep.. the sound of the life support machine. there is still life in the patient. I’ve not blogged anything here for a while, but release a few tracks on soundcloud more recently. 


Monome and OSC

I love the idea of grid based controllers like the Monome… much more than I actually use them in music oddly.

So on and off I’ve had a play around with PadKontrols, Launchpads, Lemur on Ipad, TouchOSC etc. and in particular the monome emulations.

However, when you start out it is a bit of a nightmare of different technologies to get your head around until you piece it all together.. and when things don’t ‘just work’ it is a frustrating brick wall. So I started learning some of this stuff to make my own utilities and get some of this working for me (e.g. a SerialOSC Monome emu for Lemur), and thought it would be useful to jot it down as a primer for anyone else who wants to clear some fog around this stuff.

The result is below:

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t00nz – The Dreamer

First track of the 2011 album! Slowly getting back into some kind of workflow after the break, so nice to get something completed. This was actually one of those tracks that just wrote itself in a short time (happens now and again).

Generally this year I have a couple of things I want to concentrate on musically.. One is getting more out of my gear. Another is a continuing push (that I don’t think is succeeding yet) to get some more musical ideas out (even if that means a bit of a return to basics with chiptunes or orchestral type things!).. This may happen at the cost of some production values.. but hopefully not too much so..

Also I’ve filled up my space on the new file host (google) so am probably going to be downgrading the mp3 quality to 128kbps… For those of you following the releases the 320kpbs will be up for a week or so, and after that the lower preview quality version. You can always get full quality from bandcamp, or ask me nicely 😉

Download: The Dreamer

Buy: The Dreamer

Art courtesy: conveniencestoregourmet @ flickr (creative commons)

t00nz – Links

I’ve just updated a bunch of the broken links to point to the new homes of files hosted on google sites.

My plan is to up the remaining 2009-2010 stuff to soon, and just host the last years output on google sites, with new stuff on bandcamp!, soundcloud, internetdj etc.

Hoping to get another track out before Christmas to finalise the 2010 album, and then start on the next! 😉