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For the foreseeable future, all the music here will be released in the form of highest quality (320 kbs) mp3 files, for free.

There are no strings attached, no registration required… and no guilt trip. If you like some of the tracks you download, I’m happy.

However, if you want the best possible quality, you can also buy the original FLAC version of each track. This is more like an original CD quality track. An mp3 (despite being a high encoding rate) is just a close approximation of the track. For those with a keen ear there is more detail, a better balance and an extra smoothness to the original mixes in FLAC.

That is not to say that if you don’t like the mp3 version that the FLAC will change your mind, it won’t! I can hear the difference, in some mixes more than others, but it is not night and day.. just a little extra niceness. If you do like a track, the FLAC original is the best way to hear it, and you will regain that 3-5% of clarity that gets lost in the mp3 versions.

Also, paying for the music is a real vote of support (nothing speaks like hard cash huh!?), and the proceeds will be used to support the creation and hosting of future releases… so you can really support this thing directly.

Anyway, huge thanks to all who decide to buy any tracks!

Album: Bespectacled octopodes (Work in progress, 2010)
Buy Happy me happy you
Buy Little Windows

… more soon (album link will be available when all individual tracks have been added)