t00nz – Links

I’ve just updated a bunch of the broken links to point to the new homes of files hosted on google sites.

My plan is to up the remaining 2009-2010 stuff to archive.org soon, and just host the last years output on google sites, with new stuff on bandcamp!, soundcloud, internetdj etc.

Hoping to get another track out before Christmas to finalise the 2010 album, and then start on the next! 😉



My paid web hosting ends today. It was not really offering enough to be worth the money. I can still distribute music through free alternatives, so will be testing a few of these over the next few weeks and will hopefully update some of the posts on here to point to files in a new home.

In the meantime several of the older links on this site will no longer work.

You can also find most recently released tracks at soundcloud or internetdj, as well as bandcamp!.

RSS + iTunes

I noticed some people subscribed to this blog via the RSS feed, so I’ve updated it to push the feed through feedburner, which gives you some new options.

One of these, is that it will work as a podcast you can add to iTunes (or other podcatcher) and it’ll just pull down new music as it’s posted here. No, there is no chat, it’s just the mp3s as posted here.

To see all this, just click on the RSS icon on the side.


I’ve had some intermittent problems with a bandwidth error on the mp3 host (which is google pages at the moment). So I’ve gone ahead and registered a domain (www.t00nz.net) and bought some proper hosting.

Hopefully I can sort out any hosting issues and eventually create a custom page for the EP releases.. but for the forseable future I’ll be concentrating on this blog and all (hopefully) interesting releases will go up here first.