Monome and OSC

I love the idea of grid based controllers like the Monome… much more than I actually use them in music oddly.

So on and off I’ve had a play around with PadKontrols, Launchpads, Lemur on Ipad, TouchOSC etc. and in particular the monome emulations.

However, when you start out it is a bit of a nightmare of different technologies to get your head around until you piece it all together.. and when things don’t ‘just work’ it is a frustrating brick wall. So I started learning some of this stuff to make my own utilities and get some of this working for me (e.g. a SerialOSC Monome emu for Lemur), and thought it would be useful to jot it down as a primer for anyone else who wants to clear some fog around this stuff.

The result is below:

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I mentioned I was trying to write up some stuff on mixing.  Unfortunately, it got a little bit out of hand and I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to organise things properly.  I did find some very good places out there already though, for instance:


t00nz – iblit sings

Someone started a challenge on KVR to write a track with one synth, well one synth and one drum machine.. originally Iblit and Ersdrums… and nothing else!  The rules since changed to other things, but I was curious..

.. so here is my effort with 1 synth (Iblit), 1 Drum machine (ErsDrums) and no eq/fx etc of any kind.. (did double a couple of tracks up to get a chorus or delay effect on some voices).

 t00nz – Iblit Sings

If you fancy a play, the original synths by Andreas Ersson are here:


Been a little hard to find time for new tunes this month, due to changing jobs.. but have still managed to get 2 or 3 loops with interesting ideas. If I don’t expect to complete them I’ll put the loops on newsgrounds for someone to use, but still hoping to find the time at the moment, so fingers crossed.

Registered the REAPER in the end, great program deserves support.. check it out here

Also worth looking at, is Native Instruments Kore Player which is a VST with sounds from their more expensive range of synths. It’s free, and (so far) works great with reaper, so hoping to do something with this pretty soon.