Beep Beep.. the sound of the life support machine. there is still life in the patient. I’ve not blogged anything here for a while, but release a few tracks on soundcloud more recently. 


t00nz – Spire

A new track, with and old feel. I love melodies in old games, and particularly simple synth sounds – especially like the lead in this, keep coming back to it.

(p.s. will re-attach some of the older broken links to a new host soon)

Download: Spire

Buy: Spire

t00nz – Struct01

Had a bit of a strange time after Christmas and did a half dozen tracks and loops I didnt like very much and never saw the light of day .. had to change things up and try something different..

 It’s not a finished track, not mixed .. it’s a synth improv/sketch .. but you know when you just don’t want to throw one away (about a month old now)… this is one of those.. so hopefully some may like it a bit too.

t00nz – struct01

t00nz – flawed

Here’s a tune.. now here’s a tune… nearly didn’t release this but ater two other unreleased tracks I couldn’t help myself, and after some nice comments on KVR .. I thought what the hey!     *Really* want to do something a bit more interesting for the next track though. Watch this space 😉

t00nz – flawed

t00nz – necessary harbour

My last track of 2008, posted as the first track in 2009!  Happy new year.

 t00nz – necessary harbour

p.s. The title for this track came from a suggested tag on xbox live which just caught my fancy… speaking of which, I notice a game called Quarx has just appeared on Xbox Live Community Games – featuring music I donated to the project. It’s a falling blocks game, (a bit like Dr Mario) .. Give it a spin!  The official site (I think, googled) is here: quarx – ionixxgames


April was quiet on this page, but I’m hoping to release a few more tracks very soon. I’m 3 tracks into an EP I’ll be releasing here, and also have a couple of other projects on the go at the moment.. I’ve created a separate page to show what stuff is coming – I’d rather post music than words, but it takes a while to write stuff depending on other commitments (of which there always seems to be too many!) so at least that page shows the blog is not derelict 😉