t00nz – PSaw

Another freebie! Another short track that tries to bite you on the brain. Please enjoy:

Download: PSaw



My paid web hosting ends today. It was not really offering enough to be worth the money. I can still distribute music through free alternatives, so will be testing a few of these over the next few weeks and will hopefully update some of the posts on here to point to files in a new home.

In the meantime several of the older links on this site will no longer work.

You can also find most recently released tracks at soundcloud or internetdj, as well as bandcamp!.

t00nz – Hard stares

Release time comes around quick again due to a few more tracks completing together.. (This is actually the first of three things ready to be released, so expect more soon).

I’m trying to cut my costs by dropping the web hosting, so this will be my first attempt at using Bandcamp, and also in due course soundcloud and internetdj.

Expect some future adjustments to see what works (for you and me).. and to fix the podcast.

cheers for listening!

Art courtesy: tedmurphy @ flickr (creative commons)

t00nz – Melon

Here is a new track. I nearly held this one back.. it was a little bit ‘damned with faint praise’ elsewhere, but I think it is ok and that only makes me want to try harder anyway. I mentioned before I’ve been distracted from music a bit, maybe it shows in this. I do need to pick up a new direction soon as I’m not satisfied with my output recently. Hmm .. anyway, have a listen..maybe let me know what you think.. more music to come very soon of course. take care.

Artwork: Kimmo Palosaari @ flickr

Download: Melon


p.s. I’m letting my hosting die in a few weeks to free up the cash it requires.. I’ll try releasing onto a free host soon instead. There maybe some disruption in download availability.

t00nz – drift

I have a few new tracks close to complete, but got quite a bit distracted with motorbikes just lately 😉  Finally found time to put this mix together though, so here is one new track called ‘drift’.

p.s. I will probably have to cancel my hosting due to the cost quite soon, so grab what you want now.. older links are likely to be broken in a couple of weeks. I will find somewhere new (but free) to upload forthcoming tracks.

webtreatsetc @ flickr

Artwork: webtreatsetc @ flickr

Download: drift

Buy: drift