t00nz – Threaded

Another bit of free music just for you. This is just a little tune that fell out of something a bit longer I was writing.

Get it here

Hope you enjoy.


t00nz – Melon

Here is a new track. I nearly held this one back.. it was a little bit ‘damned with faint praise’ elsewhere, but I think it is ok and that only makes me want to try harder anyway. I mentioned before I’ve been distracted from music a bit, maybe it shows in this. I do need to pick up a new direction soon as I’m not satisfied with my output recently. Hmm .. anyway, have a listen..maybe let me know what you think.. more music to come very soon of course. take care.

Artwork: Kimmo Palosaari @ flickr

Download: Melon


p.s. I’m letting my hosting die in a few weeks to free up the cash it requires.. I’ll try releasing onto a free host soon instead. There maybe some disruption in download availability.

t00nz – Distances

This is quite a laid back ambient style. It is quite nostalgic I think, and conjures up a very particular feeling for me. It is strange, a lot of people said the last release was quite dark. I had never thought of it that way, so, whatever it means to you, I hope you enjoy the track.

Download: Distances

Buy: Distances

t00nz – distractions

More chilled melodies over strange glitchy backgrounds.  I can’t say too much about the track, because this is starting to become a style for me.. and I guess you either get it or you don’t by now.  I’m still concentrating on finding a more musical style relating to melody/harmonies and expect to put this into practice soon in releases.. (mainly researching at the moment).

t00nz – distractions

t00nz – toped

This is an in game track for the Quarx game. It’s a chillout thing, with a couple of sounds that remind me of Pink Floyd.

It hasn’t been approved yet so could get changed around a little, but I like this mix so thought I’d post it anyway. Expecting to do one more, more up tempo track for this later on, but for now I’m looking to get back to some other projects (including the long promised new EP release).

t00nz – quarx – toped