t00nz – Knowing you’re here

Had a break from writing for a little while, so left this to get dusty. One new track:

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26663680/t00nz-KnowingYoureHere.mp3]

Download: Knowing you’re here


t00nz – PSaw

Another freebie! Another short track that tries to bite you on the brain. Please enjoy:

Download: PSaw

t00nz – distractions

More chilled melodies over strange glitchy backgrounds.  I can’t say too much about the track, because this is starting to become a style for me.. and I guess you either get it or you don’t by now.  I’m still concentrating on finding a more musical style relating to melody/harmonies and expect to put this into practice soon in releases.. (mainly researching at the moment).

t00nz – distractions

t00nz – achtung

Relief! The EP is all but complete. It’s been hard work, but I’m quite pleased with it.

I’ve decided to release the first track now, and then the EP itself when the last mixing/mastering run is done. The EP itself will be a zipfile containing all the tracks, track notes and cover art.

t00nz - welcome to my head EP

t00nz – achtung

Thanks to:
artofmyth for the excellent cover art, called “I am abstract”.

and also to The Conet Project for the radio sample in this track, used under the open content license.

The remainder of tracks will be hopefully be released within a week now, I’m aiming for the 30th May.