t00nz – Knowing you’re here

Had a break from writing for a little while, so left this to get dusty. One new track:

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26663680/t00nz-KnowingYoureHere.mp3]

Download: Knowing you’re here


t00nz – The Dreamer

First track of the 2011 album! Slowly getting back into some kind of workflow after the break, so nice to get something completed. This was actually one of those tracks that just wrote itself in a short time (happens now and again).

Generally this year I have a couple of things I want to concentrate on musically.. One is getting more out of my gear. Another is a continuing push (that I don’t think is succeeding yet) to get some more musical ideas out (even if that means a bit of a return to basics with chiptunes or orchestral type things!).. This may happen at the cost of some production values.. but hopefully not too much so..

Also I’ve filled up my space on the new file host (google) so am probably going to be downgrading the mp3 quality to 128kbps… For those of you following the releases the 320kpbs will be up for a week or so, and after that the lower preview quality version. You can always get full quality from bandcamp, or ask me nicely 😉

Download: The Dreamer

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Art courtesy: conveniencestoregourmet @ flickr (creative commons)

t00nz – drift

I have a few new tracks close to complete, but got quite a bit distracted with motorbikes just lately 😉  Finally found time to put this mix together though, so here is one new track called ‘drift’.

p.s. I will probably have to cancel my hosting due to the cost quite soon, so grab what you want now.. older links are likely to be broken in a couple of weeks. I will find somewhere new (but free) to upload forthcoming tracks.

webtreatsetc @ flickr

Artwork: webtreatsetc @ flickr

Download: drift

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t00nz – Scanner

After the last couple of tracks this is positively in your face..

“More noise, this time percussive” – hows that for quality liner notes!

Hope you enjoy.

Download: Scanner

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t00nz – A dented toy

I mentioned some while back my intention is to increase the musicality of my stuff this year (after a year trying to get the basics of sound engineering down). This feels like a bit of progress in that direction.

It is based on some unusual synth choices.. a freeware FM chip emulator (VOPM) and Oki Computer from Reaktor, with many of the sounds ‘distressed’ with a bitcrusher to get some nice artifacts and digital distortion, which I like. Hopefully the music itself prevents this all from getting too harsh.

A dented toy