Monome and OSC

I love the idea of grid based controllers like the Monome… much more than I actually use them in music oddly.

So on and off I’ve had a play around with PadKontrols, Launchpads, Lemur on Ipad, TouchOSC etc. and in particular the monome emulations.

However, when you start out it is a bit of a nightmare of different technologies to get your head around until you piece it all together.. and when things don’t ‘just work’ it is a frustrating brick wall. So I started learning some of this stuff to make my own utilities and get some of this working for me (e.g. a SerialOSC Monome emu for Lemur), and thought it would be useful to jot it down as a primer for anyone else who wants to clear some fog around this stuff.

The result is below:

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