t00nz – Fakery

First of I think 3 tracks I have to release. Another project has pulled me away from writing for the moment so these may be the last for a little while. Hope you enjoy:

Download: Fakery


t00nz – Melon

Here is a new track. I nearly held this one back.. it was a little bit ‘damned with faint praise’ elsewhere, but I think it is ok and that only makes me want to try harder anyway. I mentioned before I’ve been distracted from music a bit, maybe it shows in this. I do need to pick up a new direction soon as I’m not satisfied with my output recently. Hmm .. anyway, have a listen..maybe let me know what you think.. more music to come very soon of course. take care.

Artwork: Kimmo Palosaari @ flickr

Download: Melon


p.s. I’m letting my hosting die in a few weeks to free up the cash it requires.. I’ll try releasing onto a free host soon instead. There maybe some disruption in download availability.

t00nz – Icy Angles

I got GPO4 and Kontakt a little while back with the intention of trying non electronic sounds, and some different styles of writing. This is something that came out of that. It’s (hopefully) a pretty tune, just a start really.

t00nz – Icy Angles

t00nz – Pa Belie Sec En.mp3

Something new, a bit ominous and still quite abstract.  Created with all the usual tools, I think it’s a quite interesting track.. at least the arrangement worked out ok I think.

t00nz – Pa Belie Sec En